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Re: American Horror Story - Coven

This was the first season of AHS I've watched, so I was expecting a much bleaker ending, and surprised but glad we didn't get that.

I was rooting for Misty, and she deserved better; also, they took her out way too quickly. My only other real complaint is no matter what an insufferably awful person she was Madison didn't deserve that ending, especially with that disgusting creep there and approving. At first I thought her body would end up in the attic as his little sex doll again. Or did she? I mean, there's that baby we saw him rocking... so yeah, especially if that happened.

Glad Zoe and Cordelia survived and that they actually went the "Cordelia can be Supreme" route - they were easily the most likeable characters other than Misty. Myrtle's death was stupid but fits her character so, meh. I kind of had to laugh that Fiona's hell and the Axeman's heaven is the same place.
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