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Re: Never Can Say Goodbye; No, no, no, no... (spoiler)

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I don't anticipate liking Capaldi as much as I liked Smith, but I never imagined I would wind up liking Smith more than I liked Tennant, so who knows.
Since way back when I heard that Christopher Eccleston was leaving and this new guy David Tennant was replacing him. I've learned my lesson. Every incarnation of the Doctor is a revelation and you end up liking them all. Right now. It's a bit of separation anxiety because there is a comfort factor with Matt Smith and I am certain that by the end of Peter Capaldi's first episode he'll be The Doctor.
Yea, that's the way it always is for me, too, I love them all, all the way back to Hartnell. Though, some Doctors just never do gel for some people.

Like others, I too am looking forward to a more mature take for a change
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