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Re: TOS Sound Effects

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I read somewhere that the transporter sound was of a toilet tank filling, recorded in a studio restroom.
Whoever claimed that was either joking or lying. The box set of the full TOS soundtrack reveals that it was created by electronic music pioneer Jack Cookerly, who'd invented several electronic instruments used by Alexander Courage in the pilot scores, including the "magic box," a proto-synthesizer made out of a Hammond organ, which was used to create the transporter sound. There's actually a track on the CD set where you can hear Alexander Courage and "magic box" operator Jack Cookerly discovering the transporter sound by accident as they experiment with tones while working on the shimmery "planet atmosphere" sound effect for Talos IV.
Well, that sounds much more plausible. I'll be honest though, I've heard what could have been the transporter sound myself in large cavernous echoey restrooms (though without the little "sproing" at the beginning).
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