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I wouldn't. I prefer my own home-made hamburgers

I love old luggage! I am proud owner of a 200 year old travel basket (the size you easily can hide 2 lovers in. Or 1 Falstaff ) It's in my hall now, holding all my handbags, dufflebags and suitcases.
From my great-great gradfather I inherited a huge wooden trunk (1 lover size ) . It even still has an old label stuck on from a mail coach trip but it's totally unreadable.
From my granny I inherited 2 small leather suitcases, slightly larger than a dispatch case. They are so handy for overnight business trips where you just need to pack fresh underwear, socks, a blouse and your sponge bag.

I'll post pics after the weekend (the wooden trunk is in my room at my parent's house)
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