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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

Well, if you guys want to standardize the promotions, I've got an idea for that.

It has become kind of a tradition to issue a new fleet uniform around the anniversary events.
So With the 4 year anniversary upon us we could have another uniform design contest this time featuring the Odyssey fleet uniform.
Unlike the old one, it is not for free, since it costs dilithium and fleet credits. About 2-3 days worth of resources really.

We can't provide a template for the uniform because it doesn't allow unlockable constume pieces (stupid really).

So we'd have to leave build instructions at a convenient place.

Anyway, If we use the Odyssey uniform it could be a good way to apply for a promotion.
Let's say first application after 2 weeks possible, post a screenshot of your toon in Fleet uniform and wait for the promotion evaluation.
We can keep the current uniform available for cadets of course.

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