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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

davejames wrote: View Post
A couple possibilities I see:

-- The damage and destruction from WWIII was so severe that much of our civilization and technology got knocked back almost to a pre-industrial level, and had to essentially start over from the beginning. Obviously there were still some great advances in warp and transporter technology, but by the 23rd century our basic computer technology had only gotten back up to a 20th century level (with styling from the 1960s, of course). Either because of lack of resources or because the previous knowledge had been lost.
MGagen wrote: View Post
DavidJames is on it: Don't rule out a declension of technology after the Eugenics Wars / WWIII. Some tech is way ahead of today, some tech is just catching up.
I've always accepted this as my personal "head canon." Not only did it set technology back, but humanity, seeing how the pace of technological achievement outpaced common sense/morality/etc. resulted in humanity slowing progress down to allow us to catch up to culturally.

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
That doesn't work unless you take TOS on it's own and ignore the rest of Trek - Enterprise NX-01 had early 2000's-level interface technology in the mid-22nd century.
And, personally, I do ignore Enterprise.

The Phoenix was up to contemporary levels too.
First Contact established that Cochrane had to scrounge for parts. Its reasonable to assume that he found remaining contemporary technology and used it.
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