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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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I couldn't say whether the set decorators were asked to feature a Burke chair to suggest an "older" Starfleet vessel or whether one of the crew members just loved "old stuff", but I felt that little detail to be worth mentioning.
It was probably just leftover set decoration that they used for the scene without much thought given to it. I mean, it's a chair.

However, on the subject of chairs, the chairs seen on the bridge are clearly TMP-era, even though Okuda's plaque indicated that the ship was launched only a year before the Enterprise-D. So clearly there was some disconnect there.

Another observation, inspired by a TMP design vs. TOS design debate, which hadn't been mentioned yet, is a characteristic of late 23rd Federation starships the Grissom lacked: the patchwork style Aztec pattering the refit Enterprise, Reliant and Excelsior featured.
No offense, but that's pretty flimsy evidence to support the theory that the Oberth class is older than the TOS Constitution class.
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