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Re: The Doctor Who primer

Smiley said:
Will there ever be price drops
Well, as I alluded to in my earlier post, the MSRP drops $5 on each release after a few years, but I doubt that's enough of a drop to help you much.
or actual season sets
Yes. Once all the individual stories in a particular season have been released, there will sometime later be a season set at a somewhat reduced price. I don't know that that lower price will appeal to you much, though.

Also, a couple seasons will probably be released as boxsets to begin with. Examples include Season 16 (now available in Region 1 and soon to be replaced in both R1 and R2 with a spiffier version) and Season 23 (not released anywhere yet).
Even Star Trek, which gouged its fans on initial release, gave TOS season sets and has already slashed prices on TNG and DS9.
Classic Doctor Who is even more niche than Star Trek, and each individual story these days has about as much in the way of extras as a full season of Trek. None of which helps the casual fan, of course, but that is why the prices are so steep, and why they're not likely to go down all that much, even over time.
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