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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Well on page 249 of the book, the authors also mention how for the online edits of the episodes DS9 was not able to afford the "digital" editors that were in use at Digital Magic, so the editors were still relying on the old linear editing method.

Considering that there was a cost issue involved, D2 was probably used, as it was able to be put into existing set ups at a lower cost than D1, and it was more compatible with analog systems. As for saying D2 in the book, if you notice right in the quote the authors also put "D2 video tape", so even if the average reader didn't know what D2 was, they would still get that it was videotape, just a type used by Pro's. It would just be like telling someone you had been using DVHS----they would probably ask you if it was anything like VHS.
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