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Re: The Doctor Who primer

Brendan Moody said:
Smiley said:
Is there a relatively affordable way to get Doctor Who DVDs in the US?
I'm not quite sure what you're asking. With the exception of the 1996 tv-movie, which probably won't be released here due to complicated rights issues, every classic Doctor Who story that is released in the UK is eventually available in R1 as well, usually with a lag of less than a year. Availability in retail locations can be spotty, especially lately, but and other online companies always sell them. The MSRP is $25 for a single-disc release, $35 for a two-disc story, and $50 for a three-disc box set, but many retailers discount them, and the MSRP also drops eventually. is a good place to check for releases that fit your definition of relatively cheap.

The new series boxsets are also being released here, after each season completes its run on Sci-Fi. They retail for a steep $100.
I'm back after doing a little more research. I used Season 16, The Key to Time, as a case study. All six serials are out on DVD currently. Buying all six new from Deep Discount DVD would be $79.44. Even during the 20% off sale, that would be $63.55. That's more than I'm willing to pay for a season of television.

Besides buying used or scouring eBay for local sellers, what options are there for the casual fan? Will there ever be price drops or actual season sets for the classic Who? Even Star Trek, which gouged its fans on initial release, gave TOS season sets and has already slashed prices on TNG and DS9. What chance is there of something like that happening for Who?
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