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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

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I find it harder to justify (when I feel the need to, which I usually don't because they're just stories) the complete visual change between TOS and TMP. Beyond the basic positions of stations, not a single control panel or readout was recognizable. It wasn't believable as an in-universe upgrade.
I recall reading that Uhura's "bluetooth" earpiece in TMP was actually one of the ones used in TOS. If true, that would be the only piece of recognizable TOS hardware that survived the refit.

It made me happy to see that the warp nacelles on Cochrane's Phoenix warp ship in First Contact were almost identical in appearance to those on the original Enterprise.

I just remembered, the "pads" from the original transporter room were reused in the Enterprise-D's transporter, which I believe was itself a reuse of the refit Enterprise's transporter. So that makes six transporter pads and one earpiece.
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