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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

DavidJames is on it: Don't rule out a declension of technology after the Eugenics Wars / WWIII. Some tech is way ahead of today, some tech is just catching up.

This is a useful method when setting a story in a far future without having the environment be so alien that folks can't relate to it.

On another note, I've always liked to visualize many of the various buttons and blinkies as having a narrow band holgraphic effect visible only to the operator immediately in front of it. Holographic labels that float above each button and refresh as the panel is reconfigured for various functions. Sulu sees things a camera off to the side can't see. It also gives a reason to the black console surfaces -- luminous type would read more easily if projected over a black background. Unlike the JJPrise, the REAL Enterprise took ergonomics and eyestrain into account.

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