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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

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17. Man Of Steel (2013) -- C-

I was at the library today, and in the mood for something loud and dumb. Well, I guess you should be careful what you wish for. I read much of the critical reaction to this movie when it came out, but I was still surprised by how many major missteps there were. And, to be fair, my interest in comic book movies has been in a precipitous decline since 2012. It's possible I've missed a few things, but...

--Why did Zod and co. take Lois Lane with them on the ship? Why'd they let her live? (So that they would have a reason to dump exposition and so that she could escape with the knowledge to defeat Zod, as far as I can tell).
--The tornado scene (This has been discussed to death, so I'll leave it at that).
--The first 20 minutes on Krypton (It's almost all exposition, the weird use of hand-held camera mixed with random zooms is totally ineffective at providing these total fantasy environments with any sense of reality, and Michael Shannon cranks it up to eleven -- and then twelve and thirteen).
--The ending was practically apocalyptic. So why not devote a single scene to the damage (or, heck, a single shot to that family Superman saves at the end by killing Zod)? The movie is devoid of humor (Nolan's Batman movies, of all things, are funnier), so why adopt that goofy tone for the last scene?
--Nolan's pounding, percussive score, like many things in the movie, seemed designed to beat the viewer into submission.

I love Batman -- but unless the trailer (and the reviews) really wow me, there's absolutely no way I'll be back for the sequel. I should have given this one a pass, honestly, but it was free.
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