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Re: U.S.S. Hecla - a TOS destroyer???

Have you given thought as to what it'll have for weapons?

I drafted the deck plans for the Police Cutter, but I can't post them as they are to be published as part of a game module. Being that I was confined by the already-published game stats, I was restricted to give it EXACTLY one photon tube and three standard phasers, with a refit/upgrade that added two smaller point-defense phasers and a drone (missile) launcher. Mine also has two ready-to-go shuttlecraft, plus one spare in storage that can be moved into the shuttle bay and made ready, given time that one usually doesn't have enough of in the combat game.

Is there any way to get a bottom and/or side-without-engines image? I'm trying to visualize the ducktail. Thanks!
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