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Re: Bill Cosby returning to NBC in new family comedy

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[ I'm tired of the dark heroes and I'd like better; optimistic. Star Trek used to be like that.
When has Star Trek been 'dark' according to you?
It is self-admitted in the last movies's title, for goodness sake. Maybe it's a bad and completely inaccurate title? Blame Marketing if the movie doesn't in fact promise Star Trek moving into darkness.

But I really wasn't thinking of the title until you asked. And it's really not about what has come before in the movies you mention. It's not even about Star Trek. It's about trends. The most recent example is the grittier, more "realistic" Batman. Like the Tealization of Hollywood, there's also the Darkening of Hollywood because they think that's what people want. I guess it's the trend that sells right now. Like any trend, people get tired of the formula, or when there are wars or life is tough for everyone, people want to move on and see hope - not despair. If you go back and look at my comment in its context of a reply to Spot's Meow's post, and also consider Chris Pine's recent comment covered in the Trek Today article posted by T'Bonz on January 22, you'll find more understanding.

Chris Pine is quoted, "Well, for anybody who’s seen the second one, given the fact that Kirk’s been revived by Khan’s blood, I think there’s definitely room for Kirk to go dark, which we’ve obviously seen in the original series, and that would be fun, I think.”

Kirk goes Batman. It was really disheartening to see Pine fall into cliché like Gollum to Sauron's Ring. Might as well make the movie all teal and orange too.

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