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Re: Best TV Show Ever Comes to DVD End of April

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These people act as if Shout Factory doesn't have to deal with music publishing companies or with the individuals that own the music used in many of the older shows,
Well, in the first place, none of the instances I cited above had anything to do with music related issues. One of them dealt with an incompetent video transfer, and others with Shout offering inferior quality episodes on a set after being deceitful and dishonest aforehand as to the quality of those episodes.

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So they sit on their bums and complain about how they've been betrayed by Shout Factory and other home video companies, when in certain cases like that of the (IMHO) non-debacle centered around the music of The Fugitive DVD sets (Season 2 & 3) being replaced by new music, they really should be going after the rights holder companies/individuals that control said music pieces and giving them a piece of their minds and also telling them to be not so greedy (the same should also go with the executives at the studios as well, and they should also go after the local TV stations and tell them to stop showing infomercials and start showing the reruns that they're supposed to be showing.)

I'd say that you should just ignore them when they say this about Shout Factory, but I don't think that it's a big deal.
“Non-debacle?” The issue of the music on the original DVD issue of The Fugitive was one of the greatest debacles in the history of DVD television series releases, for both the fans of the show and ultimately for Paramount/CBS, who wound up having to sink way more money into the project than they would have had they released the series properly in the first place.
Imagine this scenario: go back to when Paramount is releasing Star Trek the original series for the first time ever on DVD. Imagine that those DVDs come out, and it turns out that the original music scored for those episodes by Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner, George Dunning, Gerald Fried, et. al. has been replaced by a score consisting of some synthesizer music drummed up by some hack musician. And if the end credits of each episode were altered to replace the name of the original composer with the hack musician. Do you think fans of the original Star Trek would have stood for that for one second? If that had happened, would you still call it a “non-debacle”? I don’t know, maybe you would.
And again, the whole thing about the music replacement on The Fugitive was not so much that it happened as that Paramount did it in an extremely sneaky, underhanded way, making no public announcement about it prior to release and refusing to respond pubically to the public criticism in its aftermath.
Those of us who “sat on our bums and complained” forced Paramount to eventually re-release The Fugitive with the original score intact. What have those of you who have sat on their buns and complained about US done, other than hamper our efforts to preserve classic television the way it was meant to be seen?

I'd say that you should ignore posters like Shaku Zulu, but I don't think they're that big a deal.
Actually, I'd love to have the incidental music replaced in the original Star Trek (not the theme, obviously) as an experiment. I would love to see what a modern synthesizer composer (say, Christopher Franke, the composer for Babylon 5) would do with TOS, or even TNG. Why not? There is a precedent for this; people have composed different soundtracks for films like Metropolis, Birth Of A Nation, and Nosferatu (this last one done by a local impresario in Toronto to Radiohead's Kid A album, which he shows at his cinema/house.) All that it would take is being open minded, but being close-minded is all that people can be, I guess.

The complaining (which in most instances consisted of death threats and nasty insults issued to executives and reviewers) didn't really accomplish anything beyond The Fugitive being issued on DVD and likely nothing else older except for Star Trek, Perry Mason, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Mission: Impossible, Hawaii Five-O and I Love Lucy plus some more recent shows being on DVD. What was accomplished other than making Paramount leery of doing old shows?

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