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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

If you want the series cheaper, go for the Star Blazers 2199 DVD release. It will be at least half the price of importing the Japanese Blu-ray that is already out from Bandai Visual off And probably a third to even a quarter of the price if you tried to get it off or eBay.

The release style is different though. In the US you get six discs to the Japanese seven. The Japanese released them like films with Chapter 1 being the first two episodes, followed by another chapter of four episodes each until the end of Chapter 7. The US release has them grouped as an episodec TV show. Four episodes per disc until the last disc (six) which will have six episodes on it. I don't know if that will hurt or help the narrative structure at all as I can sort of see how it work if each chapter ends in the middle episodes from Chapter 2 to Chapter 6.

US release:


Disc one ends at Saturn.
Disc two ends after the battle near the Red Star (Gliese 581).
Disc three ends with them being attacked by the Wulf (might make for a good cliffhanger).
Disc four end over Beeland (might be a nice resolution to the arc)
Disc five ends with the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster (awesome episode)
Disc six ends normally, but has six episodes.

Japanese release:

Disc one ends with Yamato's launch from Earth
Disc two ends with the Battle over Pluto
Disc three ends with the capture of a Gamilas pilot
Disc four ends with a mental attack on Yamato
Disc five ends with the Battle of Balun
Disc Six ends with a cliffhanger at Gamilas
Disc Seven ends normally.

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