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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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With the Reeves-Stevens you also have to remember that they were writing a book that would be read by the general public, and they would need to use terminology and descriptions that a "laymen" could understand. But, even though the film would not need to be printed, the Reeves-Stevens may have found people would've understood that better than saying it would have to be developed and then the negative scanned and reversed in a Telecine machine.
All they really would have had to do was substitute the word "printed' with "developed" which a general audience in 1994 would have understood, since 35mm film was still the dominant format for still photography. The fact that they say "printed" probably represents a misunderstanding on their part, rather than an attempt to dumb down the content for their readers. To me, this throws the D2 reference (which would certainly be a head-scratcher to a general audience! "What's D2?") into question. Still, they may have been partially correct as I suggested in my last post.
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