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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Who cares if they add a new non-canon ship with the umptenth space set?
It's not like we need it.
All science vessels will get the new second deflector array, so if you want to try this new game play method, you just have to wait out the exclusiv hybrid ship promotion and are good to go.
I dont know what to think about that anniversary ship yet. I though dont like the Dyson Sphere paint job really, fugly even. I hope one can use those standard hull materials also( like the vet one).
I guess tomorrow they will release some more specs about it in a dev blog.
I might grind one for one Fed too and maybe KDF, not sure if my one and only Romulan will need it really. I will see how I feel really. I doubt I can afford the C-store versions now, besides there few other ships there I would rather buy, like the Andorian ships or the Regent.

I do look forward to the new mission with Tuvok and the spacesuits look nice
I kind of wish we would see comeback of the 5 mission FE, I miss the good old story based content sometimes( thank God the foundry!).

I do like fly science ships myself, the Vesta is a good ship.
I am still confused why only 6 weapon slots for science ships still though? I dont see a valid reason to punish science Captains like that..and the skills arent really OP anyways.
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