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Re: Voyager Caption Contest 118: The Voyager Bunch

Chakotay: Lalalala can't heaaaaaaar yooouuuuuu!
Torres: How the hell are you our first officer?
Tuvok: I used to wonder as much when he was our 'captain'.

Chakotay: Torres and Tuvok didn't think I could do this.
Janeway: You can't. Go away.

The Doctor: You'd rather navigate the Obamacare website than talk to me?!

Paris, OS: Whoops. Looks like they're on to us, Harry.
Kim, OS: I told you that was a bad idea!
Paris: At least when they trace the feed to Sickbay they'll think it was the doctor.
Kim: Or you, 'medic'.
Paris: Damn.
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