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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

With the Reeves-Stevens you also have to remember that they were writing a book that would be read by the general public, and they would need to use terminology and descriptions that a "laymen" could understand. But, even though the film would not need to be printed, the Reeves-Stevens may have found people would've understood that better than saying it would have to be developed and then the negative scanned and reversed in a Telecine machine. The only other information I've found as to what tapes were used was on pg. 246' in a side bar, where it is mentioned that 60% of the stations that aired DS9 received their copies via satellite, while the other 40% received their copies from Paramount on 3/4" (U-Matic) tape. Surely the DVD's would not have been mastered from U-Matic if there was a higher quality source available.

With the scene in "Second Chances", it was not a panning shot with the two Riker's. It started off with "yellow" Riker entering into engineering by the warp core, followed him to the table and was locked off there before "red" Riker even entered the shot (but it did lead upto the 4th last picture in Tosk's link). Unfortunately it looks worst in motion than in that screen cap. And I've compared the "Wishes Were..." Scene, and while there is some softness in that scene, it is not as bad as in SC. (I was checking both out on a PS3 connected to a 40" LCD via HDMI.)

I also happened to tak a look at "Dax". You might want to take a look at the whole opening credits sequence for this episode. It shows quite a bit of composite crosstalk in the graphics and on the station itself. Other episodes I've also been noticing the crosstalk issue on the phaser/tractor beam towers.
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