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Re: If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

gturner wrote:

Hrm... That is a very different question. At minimum I would push the timeline back a decade because it was the V-2 that sparked the US and Soviet interest, and the worries that the other side was pursuing V-2 research spurred more research. Without that, it would've been a very back-burner pursuit, more the domain of hobbyists for quite some time.
Right, I had the same thought with "the domain of hobbyists" and a space program quite a few decades behind ours. I still think that would be true if no major conflict replaced WWII for a long time.

But where I did my turnabout was when I realized why that scenario was no more realistic than the OP. It's far more likely WWII would play out regardless before the mid-1950s with either the Russians, the Japanese, or both. (Check out my tortuous thought train in between your "Goering car crash" and "reticle" posts.)

There might not have been any V-2 research, but the simple distances involved would probably have spurred interest in long-range weapons. And then onto the space program, which means it wouldn't be off what we have now by more than a decade.

Still feel free to disagree, though.
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