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Re: If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

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Why is it always the Nazis? What about someone who actually did more than destroy half the world at the time? I mean the Romans. Why is nobody asking if the Romans couldn't have gotten us to Mars by year 1000? They had such potetnial and momentum that if they had chosen to focus much on research and discovery, who knows what might have happened. Advances to material sciences and technology, an industrual age a millennium earlier...

Yeah, pretty unlikely, but at least it wasn't someone who was spending all their resources on destruction and going backwards.
Check out Roma Eterna, by Robert Silverberg, for a nice shot at that alternate history. Essentially just extrapolates what would happen if one small event had happened differently, Rome didn't end up falling, and goes all the way to present day. Interesting read.

As for the timeline presented in this thread? seems kinda silly, and hard to judge most of it without WAY more background.

Some parts are easier to pick on than others, though. In this timeline, we go from first man on the moon to a dozen people on a martian base in like 8 years. No effing way. Double whatever resources the US had, even give us the drive to do it, and not sure we'd be there today, much less 1972. Couple baby steps between first rocket in low earth orbit to sustainable (even short term) base on another planet...
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