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Re: Episode of the Week : Mudd's Women

Owing to the scale of the series and the deadlines, I imagine, there are a lot of really sloppy errors in editing and sound in these early episodes. The Man Trap, Charlie X (“when I came aboard!”) and Mudd’s Woman especially had some really awful edits. The mismatched shots of McCoy, Spock’s and Kirk close ups from other episodes, and the damned ADR. The teaser is half looped. Nimoy’s delivery changes depending if it was on set or in the booth.

Spock ADR Normal Tone: “Sensor reading on the vessel. I make it out as a small class J cargo ship…”.

Spock on set, half asleep: “and his engines arrrrrrrrrrre superheating…”

An “eh” episode, but fantastic music. God I love having the Original Series Soundtrack Collection…
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