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Re: Voyager Only Exists...

Tiberius wrote: View Post
So when Janeway spoke to Picard in Nemesis, she was a holodeck character communicating with the real world from inside a program that was designed to pretend it was the real world?
Nope. Nemesis was part of the holodeck scenario, too. Never happened.
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Point of fact is that the module in which Jim was stuck, should not have had super tech in it exceeding 2269, unless it had a caretaker (Barclay?) who was periodically updating the enclosures Databse with general trivia and advances in technology.
It does have a caretaker, but not Barclay - after they sent the little mini-holodeck cube back to Starfleet Command, they assigned Ensign Harry Kim to add info and to keep things interesting for Moriarty and the Countess, among his other duties. He added the Voyager scenario to amuse himself with, and was never really all that interested in his own avatar in it, which is why he was so boring, and why he never got promoted. (In the real world, he never got promoted because he spent too much time playing with the scenario.)
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Star Trek is also trapped in Tommy Westphall's mind with Torchwood and the 1960's Batman and I love Lucy.
Well, of course.
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