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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Anyone know what today's reward is? Can't get to those sites from work...

Finally got to T5 in Dyson rep. Finished the ground set, but is the space set (4 piece, not the 3-piece weapons set) worth getting? Thought about it, but as each piece is 32k DIL, kinda seemed like a lot unless it's really good. Otherwise I'm not hurting with the Adapted MACO set i've got now, plus 3-piece Borg weapon/console, and 2-piece AP beam/warp core set from the beginning of the Sphere series. Everything else is Advanced AP Dual Heavy Cannons and AP consoles, mostly.

Lastly, anyone seen the backlash on the Anniversary event this year? Not that the forums are ever happy, but seems the plan is to make the ship a grind-fest this year (like the winter event ship) vice a fun mission and reward like the previous reward ships (Ambassador, Oddy). Even managed to turn a thank you celebration into a grind, i guess.

And then they'll be selling the $50 C-Store version afterwards, slightly better. That part is fine (but I'm not gonna buy), but the kicker is that in order to finish the set bonus, you have to complete the grind AND buy the new ship bundle. IMO kinda turns the Thank You into a F*ck You. No problem with them selling stuff to monitize, but to even do it to the Anniversary celebration seems kinda crappy...
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