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Re: Starfleet Starship Insignia was all supposed to be the same?

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It mentions "Charlie X," but not "The Doomsday Machine."

TO: Bill Theiss

FROM: Bob Justman


DATE: December 18, 1967

Whilst sitting in Dailies today, it was noticed that a Starship Captain (from another Starship) was wearing an emblem unfamiliar to yours truly. I have checked the occurences out with Mr. Roddenberry, who has reassured me that all Starship personnel wear the Starship emblem that we have established for our Enterprise Crew Members to wear.

Doubtless this situation has arisen due to the fact that a different Starship emblem was used last season on “CHARLIE X”. However, the personnel of that other ship in that show were the equivalent of merchant marine or freighter personnel — and therefore not entitled to bear this proud insignia on their individual and collective breasts.

Please do not do anything to correct this understandable mistake in the present episode. However, should we have Starfleet personnel in any other episodes, please make certain that they were the proper emblem.

Under penalty of death!

Signed this 18th day of December, in the year of our Lord, 1967, by


Chief Inquisitor

CC: Gene Roddenberry

John M. Lucas

D.C. Fontana

Gregg Peters


P.S. A carven “I’m sorry!” will be sufficient.

Lest the point be lost in the shuffle discussing starship emblems, IMO this memo doesn't explain why Kirk isn't wearing the flower insignia at the beginning of TMP, before he gets command of the Enterprise back.

What's even more incongruous is that the Epsilon IX station personnel wear a "telecommunications" emblem, so its not like Starfleet was all under a single kind of emblem.
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