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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

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TOS was smart in not over explaining their tech and hardware. To some extent that allowed it to age more gracefully since new rationalizations could be applied without really contradicting how we saw the tech used.

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I do find it amusing that TOS is credited with imagining the cellphone, but it's an inaccurate representation because the TOS communicator is definitely not a cellphone. A cellphone needs a supporting network infrastructure to work while a communicator is an independently operating transmitter/receiver (and possibly translator) with a range in tens of thousands of miles.
Yeah, saying Trek inspired the cell phone is a stretch, but comparing the modern smart phone with TOS's radio-based communicators isn't so much. Yes, supporting network is needed, but I can use the Voxer app on my (also radio-based) iPhone to communicate via voice, photo, or text with anybody on the planet with a connection to the Internet.

I regularly use my phone to stream NASA mission audio from the ISS and read twitter feeds from the astronauts themselves. Further, ISS astronauts use services such as Skype to experiment and communicate with loved ones on their phones on earth. So while I'd agree that crediting Trek with the inspiration for the modern cell phone is a stretch, what we got isn't too different, functionally, than the tech those 60's props portrayed.

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There's also the fact that I don't assume TOS reality is ours and that was illustrated right within the series itself given historical inconsistencies with our own history.
Although Gene Roddenberry saw Trek as taking place in our universe/timeline/reality, facts as they played out make it a lot easier for me to believe otherwise.
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