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Re: Who's the best girl for Harry Kim? If there is one...

If he was really into Libby, and wasn't guilty about cheating on his finance on Voyager, even if his definition of cheating is dating a whole bunch of women who wouldn't go on a second date with the lonely ensign... Harry should have spent the day burying his bone and never found out about his experimental shuttle or the failure Tom had become or the poor fate of Daniel Byrd, if Libby's willing and inviting body held any interest for him.

If it wasn't for his aptitude with Deran Tal in the Disease, I'd argue homosexuality that he was in denial and subconsciously choosing unobtainable women so that he'd never have to see a vagina while still being statistically boring with his orientation.

Please note that Derran was a liar pretending to like him and enjoy their naked time together who was only using Harry for his command codes, which means that this insincere huckster should have been unobtainable if she wasn't a user on an evil seditious mission dup this patsy, and Tal would have obviously rejected him just like every other woman if he had been hitting on her on a level playing field because their relationship was horribly illegal and would probably put her in jail for years.

Hell, Kim might have even tried to run like he did with Seven, but she needed those command codes, so Harry was not allowed to run away far or with any success or her people would stay sorta enslaved and her mission would have failed.
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