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Yeah, the one time Terry's Rule failed me was when I was writing CSI books, since those were more about the forensics than any personal dramas or conflicts. Who should be the POV character in a scene that's all about finding fiber evidence or comparing mitochondrial DNA?
My first thought was, someone who doesn't know the science and needs it explained, e.g. Captain Brass. But then I remembered that CSI often annoyed me with its abundance of "As you know, Bob" speeches where the scientists explained basic science to other scientists who already know it. That's kind of unavoidable in TV, but in a book you have internal-viewpoint narration so you don't need the stilted lecturing. So maybe it's better to be in the head of the scientist performing the test, so it can be explained through their thoughts.
On the other hand, I found the lab scenes worked better if there were two people in the room, so you could at least have some dialogue and character interaction going, instead of just describing a single character carrying out a procedure and making a discovery, which could come off as dry and textbooky.

On the show, of course, you've got the snazzy montages and visuals and music to make spinning test tubes visually exciting to watch, but you don't really have that option in prose!

Dialogue at least helped dramatize the lab scenes.

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