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Re: Voyager Only Exists...

Rick James. Cool.

Point of fact is that the module in which Jim was stuck, should not have had super tech in it exceeding 2269, unless it had a caretaker (Barclay?) who was periodically updating the enclosures Databse with general trivia and advances in technology.

If Barclay was Moriarty's caretaker, even after he left the Enterprise, then a facsimile of Voyager or a hypothetical asumption of Voyager before hard facts were available inside that program would have been a perfectly reasonable assumption.

Meanwhile... If the Doctors template was based on the (So called) Sentient Moriarty program, then it's possible that not only a version of Moriarty is existing inside the Doctor in some recess rat hole deep down, but the entire enclosures is existing in perpettuity inside every EMH.
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