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Re: NuTrek's Faulty Moral Compass

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Or simply:

Nero gives his silly speech. Spock points out that the Narada, while wounded, could still pose a threat; "There's no way to be sure with a ship that advanced, Captain."

Kirk pauses a beat, then says, "Mr. Sulu, fire everything we got."

Really, just cutting his sado-cocky "You got it" would almost be enough.
That might work, but to me it was already implied. The Narada is obviously a big, powerful, deadly ship. It beat the shit out of Starfleet's best, and did it like it was swatting flies. It proceeded to then kill billions of people on an innocent planet.

From that point forward, it went to attack Earth, with the same purpose, and to continue that line of death and destruction for as long as deemed necessary.

To me, Kirk even offering the appearance of mercy is more than what Nero deserved. They were in the heat of battle, and Kirk could have blown the Narada to high hell, and it would have been morally and ethically justifiable considering the circumstances.

I'm against the death penalty, I'm against torture, and I also happen to be against a genocidal maniac trying to murder until the very end, and I do not see any moral or ethical quandary with Kirk's decision. In this case, Nero was absolutely, actively dangerous to every living creature in his path, and had to be eliminated lest billions more died. It's pretty clear cut. Anything else is splitting hairs solely for the sake of pedantry which is, granted, something we all do as Trek fans, but I stand by my statement anyway.
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