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Re: NuTrek's Faulty Moral Compass

I seem to recall somone suggesting--oh, in the very first post--that Nero should have pulled a Kruge and tried to drag the Enterprise to hell with him. The Narada was a mining vessel. Even with the weapons out, the writers could have given it mining equipment--mechanical mining equipment--that could have made it an immediate threat.

Morality and ethics aside, I found Nero's "I would rather die..." speech cringe-inducing. It sounded like a stuck-up girl turning down a request for a prom date. The film-makers should have provided him with one last chance to be truly menacing and Kirk with a clear and present danger to his ship and crew. Not only would it make Kirk--already reimagined from the thoughtful, driven, serious man into a caricatured bad boy action man--less dickish but it would have made the whole sequence more exciting.
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