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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

$45 actually, but yeah that's Voyager's insane pricing for you and there would be shipping too it would end up being about $50 I suppose, you should look at what they charge for the older show's sets and movies.

Maybe Rightstuf isn't able to discount their prices for Voyager, like they do for pretty much everyone else. Although, if you get their "Got Anime" card you can probably shave a few bucks off that (10% off each order or something).

Yeah, they still have catalogs, they send me one every few months. You can also order the catalog on the website.

As for me, whether or not I pay out to one of these companies that charges a kidney for their products depends on how much I liked the show. I have a few AniplexUSA releases and they're basically the same way if not worse. I also import the occasional Japanese anime movie or OVA on Blu-ray if it happens to have English subs and if it's something I don't think will be released here. That's not all that cheap either, a single movie on BD will run you like $65-70 to import.

Yamato 2199 would be one of those series I think would be worth owning personally, though if I do I'll probably go with the cheaper DVD option.
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