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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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It's also funny how, aside from the Sony VTR's, they mention the model numbers for everything else, but for the "D1"'s they just say "two Sony D1 Digital Recorders".
Yep I noticed that too. Makes ya wonder.

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And as we've seen earlier in this thread, people can get confused as too whether it is D1 or D2 that is component or composite, and I've got to wonder if, when Desire Gonzalez wrote that article, if the person they were interviewing said D1 by mistake when the really meant D2. The whole point with those two paragraphs is that TNG had moved from doing it's SFX in analog to doing them in digital.

But, also on the sidebar, and in the article, it's just talking about the Special Effects (ship shots, phaser shots, etc.) being done on digital tape. It is not talking about what the final master, containing all the live-action and SFX shots, was. It just says that the Edit master was on D1.

As well, even with the Edit master being on a digital format doesn't mean that the Editor could not have Edited the entire show, live-action and SFX, onto Betacam SP (which is also component, just analog).
It's really too bad we don't have a more definitive article somewhere straight from the horses mouth of one of the post guys. Because as it stands now it's just a mess of little tidbits from early-to-mid 90s articles.

Sadly there are some pretty thorough books from later in the franchise (Star Trek: Action! is what I'm thinking of, made much later, circa 1998) but none from the era where things were transitioning from analog to digital.
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