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Re: Episode of the Week : Mudd's Women

This has its moments , but it's an indication of where "average" is. In fact, it even dips down below average, for example with the conceit that Eve could actually physically change her appearance. Either that or it's just a shamelessly over-the-top exaggeration for effect.

I do, however, like that Eve is actually helpful and constructive in her suggestions about (and I can't believe I'm actually about to praise the episode for this) doing the dishes. (Full disclosure: I'm the one who does the dishes at home by hand, most of the time.) Plus, I like the sniping that results when she begins to stop looking beautiful. It's not Leave It To Beaver.

With the message that women are more than just lovers or sex objects, the episode's heart is at least more or less in the right place, in the end, but gah! what we have to go through to get there.

Some of the edits with McCoy in a different costume and the women suddenly shifting in position aren't things that I find that easy to forgive.

I like hard-nosed early Kirk, not that I dislike the friendlier later Kirk, but it's still nice to have a contrast in his portrayal.

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