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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

OK - this might be marginal, but its still related to TOS.

The Hallmark Channel runs - and I mean RUNS - I Love Lucy six episodes a day, seven freaking days a week! Which means it takes a month or so for them do the whole series!

Sooo....this morning I happened to be watching, and the famous "Lucy Does a Television Commercial" a.k.a. Vitameatavegamin episode was playing. [Ricky gets to host a live variety show; Lucy of course wants to be on it; takes over the live commercial for a patent medicine that is actually 25% alcohol She of course has to do several rehearsals, etc - so surprise, she gets wasted]

Near the episode's end, they show Ricky getting ready to start his show, and when he goes in front of the camera, the booming voice of the director goes, "Ricky, move back a couple of feet, will you?" When I heard that. something clicked, and I realized - and I said it out loud - "That must be Marc Daniels!"

Of course, Daniels was the director of that show, as he was the director of the entire first season of Lucy. Which means he was director of both the first Lucy, and the first Trek ever shown.

So that was my 'ah HAH' moment of the day!
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