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Re: Star Trek 3: Classic Trek or original story?

ST3 = reboot of Treks II & VI (again).

set after the Enterprises 5 year mission. an augment worshipping nut wakes up a furious Khan (like the engineer in Prometheus) and he breaks out of Area 51 with some of his followers (most are killed in the escape) hijacks science ship Reliant which is running tests on the new Genesis device (constructed by Carol Marcus) and plots revenge on the Federation (& Kirk/Spock)

meanwhile the klingons have been plotting an invasion of the federation after the khanage in STID, led by the sinister Colonel Chang and the brutal Captain Kruge

so itd be kirk vs khan vs klingons = total Khanage!

title = 'Star Trek Vengeance of Khan'

*Guest stars- Bryan Cranston as Chang, Gerard Butler as Kruge, Gary Oldman as Gorkon, Jason Moma as Lt Worf, Taylor Kitch as Joachim.
*Cameos- Arnold Schwarzenegger - Klingon Emperor, Harrison Ford - Head of Starfleet, Scott Bakula - Captain Archer, Brent Spiner - Dr Arik Soong, Patrick Stewart - Picards ancestor, Leonard Nimoy - Old Spock (surprise!) & William Shatner - Old Kirk(big surprise!)

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