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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Then Morris should be clarifying. He's starting to come off like a jack ass to be honest. I respect his right to earn money for what he's found, but he should treat the fans with respect. That doesn't mean telling us everything necessarily, but enough to know whether to expect more or not, maybe some specifics, etc.

But, delibrate obfuscation is the wrong thing.

"A few hundred people"
Eh, this fan feels quite respected that he went out, got at least 2 Serials Completed (Or at least almost completed if Web doesn't get released complete) and returned them to us. I'm not really sure what Universe that is disprectful in, but, not the Universe I live in.

If Marco Polo (or anything else) comes back, we will know, when everyone involved is prepared and wants us to know. I don't understand why some people consider that disrespectful or a slap in the face. I see no difference between that, and a kid complaining about not getting a run down of the cookies he'll be given over the next year or two by his parents or babysitter
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