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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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To me it just seems irresponsible. The BBC isn't supposed to be a money making operation anyway. That said, you'd expect them to take the responsible approach and confirm/deny and not be misleading in the process. That's *not* asking too much.

I believe Watling and Hines. It's possible some things got scrunched together. Like, maybe Watling learned about the episodes prior to June but didn't see it until after. There was a delay between when she learned about them and when she saw the screen.

Mr Awe
But, again, part of the deal, seems to be not revealing what isn't in their possession, so, it's not up to them to disclose what they are negotiating getting into their hands. It appears they weere gagged by Morris (Hence Morris making the announcement for Enemy and Web, and not the BBC)
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