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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

Well, if there was a secret screening it would presumably have been just the surviving episodes, so I don't think that matters. But no copies suitable for a screening of any kind existed for Enemy until mid-August, or for Web until days before the iTunes release in October... unless those involved are being deceptive about the timeline for some reason.

Either way, the underlying point was that the BBC knew the episodes existed in June, when they issued the statement that some interpreted as a denial. Of course, nothing that was said was technically a lie (the initial statement said "we cannot confirm any new finds," not that none had occurred, and the spokewsoman's follow-up was hedged with "as far as I'm aware" and the like), and the BBC has every right to be cagey about its plans for exploiting a given commercial property, even if the property in question is one some fans feel really, really entitled to full disclosure about.
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