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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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TNG switched to D1 in Season Four.

You sure about that? Last time I saw a D1 deck it looked like it could've come out of an old UNIVAC computer, and it certainly wasn't small enough to fit on a table (unlike what we see in Star Trek's 25th anniversary special where there are two VTR's on a desk). Not too mention they were notoriously expensive to use.

I think he's referring to the color crosstalk or "rainbow effects" where high luma frequencies sometimes end up in the chroma signal. You could always see it on Worf's sash, for instance:
I've always chalked that up to the nature of the NTSC signal at SD levels, even for component video. Since even in "All Good Things" on the DVD when the camera is pulling up from the lit floor grates in the courtroom there is rainbowing from there not being enough information to seperating the slats. The old newscaster striped-tie affair.
I used to have 2 D1 decks at my studio...cutting edge for the time, it wouldn't at all be unthinkable that they'd be using that as its WAY better than 1" which I also had at one time.

A rainbow cross-talk affect won't happen over component nearly as much as composite, but always occurs with composite. D1 is a Digital composite signal. Beta/SP & Digital Betacam are component and wouldn't show that unless high frequency detail (more of a moire effect than rainbow cross-talk) was present.
D1 was digital component. D2 was Digital Composite, and on pg. 242 of the Reeves-Stevens "Making Of Star Trek Deep Space Nine" (December 1994) the authors mention that the film footage for DS9's Seasons 1&2 were transferred to D2 tape and D2 was the editing format.

Now then I was just watching "Suspicions", "Rightfule Heir" (TNG) and "Progress" (DS9), and I have a hard time believing TNG's last 4 seasons were edited on D1, since, when compared to DS9, the video quality is just not there for TNG. Yes, the episodes came from something of higher quality than 1", and while parts for the SFX may've been edited on D1 or D2, the seem to have been dumped to another format and the final masters, that have been used for the upressing and DVD's, appear to have originated in the analog domain.
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