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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Obviously, I'm not believing the crackpots. However, it also seems likely that more is going on.
I've heard nothing to disprove the 40 odd story I was told mid 2012, since even at that stage it included Enemy and Web, Morris' name attached to a tale of bicycled prints in Africa, a reveal that would be held for the anniversary. The Morecambe & Wise print being too far gone was mentioned at that point too.

So I'm certainly more optimistic about the other 30 episodes of that batch than I am the other 60. It never included Moonbase

Mr Awe wrote: View Post
It is true. I was at the 50th celebration con in London and both Hines and Watling confirmed that they had seen the 2 recovered shows at a secret screening held by the BBC before June. They were sworn to secrecy by the BBC.
Interesting, Frazer said elsewhere Debbie told him about the recovery in September, and she's said she's still not seen the episodes except for the two at the press screening.

Actors eh?
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