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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Dommel's Fleet Battleship will join Bandai's line on Yamato 2199 1/1000 scale models lineup in July. No price yet as it was just accounced last week.

But it will be a long model. 73 centimeters long. Almost 29 inches long. And I want one. The other ships are in the , "yeah that might be nice" catagory, but Dommel's ship is a "must have" because of our convention gaming time. There is only one official miniature of that ship that I know of and it is four inches long. It is larger that most of ther other ships, but it just doesn't give off the menace of as super dreadnaught that is over twice the size of Yamato. Having the 1/1000 scale model on the table will give that impression. We will probably also get a 1/1000 scale Yamato to show with it. Just to impress on people just how big that ship is.
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