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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

A little of it, but not enough to bother with the convolutions required.

And the novel's explanation about Romulan War tech is dumber, IMO. If you don't want to network it, fine, but plenty of room between fancy controls and blinking lights/rocker switches. To imagine that you could control something as complicated as a starship with the setup shown in TOS is silly. But the best they could do in 1966, so it's ok. Even if you want to dumb down certain control areas, why would they do that in NON-control areas? Why dumb down sickbay, or the staterooms, or make the PADD look like a clipboard instead of an ipad? Rationalization falls apart once you start to apply it across the board...

I tend to skip over the attempts to rationalize the production budget (controls, klingon forehead, etc) in favor of just picturing things ALWAYS looking like the newest shown. Just the best we could depict it at the time, but whatever. makeup got better, great. Not a virus, Klingons just always looked like that. Imagine a retro LCARS, but TOS must have had more interface than blinking lights. It's ok...
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