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Re: Tarantino's Hateful Eight is canned

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His script, his movie, his prerogative.

Also, let's not forget that what this amounts to is theft of personal and (I think?) intellectual property. I think anyone here would be quite rightly pissed off if someone they trusted stole from them.
Nobody stole anything. He sent out an unmarked script to actors, and they gave it to their agents. And since nothing on the script said "don't give it away" the agents gave it away, becuase that's what they do. It's normal business. Tarantino is throwing one of his temper tantrums.
Really? Agents just give scripts away without permission? "Hey, I was approached to be in this picture. Tarantino sent me a script. You want to take a look?"
"Sure. I hope you don't mind if I copy it for all my friends, too."
"Nah, that's cool. I'm sure Quentin won't care."
Scripts get sent out all the time. Studios, agents, actors, producers, directors, production companies, networks, managers, even assistants share and trade them.

There's a Facebook group for assistants to share these things or request them when their bosses need a copy of something for a meeting.

Writers share pilot scripts.

Everyone in town shares copies of Academy screeners and shot pilot episodes. It's something of an exclusivity thing out here.

This happens everyday in Hollywood and its understood that you don't "leak" it, you don't share it and you sure as shit don't mass distribute it. You're not even really supposed to talk about it with people outside the biz.

That said, this shouldn't be breaking news to anyone (except maybe JarodRussell). This is just a shitty situation where some jackass decided he or she wanted to be a dick and shared the script. Tarantino is right to be as angry as he is, he's well within his rights to sue Gawker, and the bitch of it is we're the ones who lose out.
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