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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

We've bogged down a little because we have a bunch of big upgrades running at once, but keep pushing/grinding, we're making progress!

Spire T1 is close to complete, and Dil Mine and Embassy both also have upgrades coming along (although more costly in DIL).

Keep at it, and we'll start to clear these out and get more rewards opened up. Spire is a nice one to get moving, as there are nice TAC consoles for all damage types, and MK XII ground kits that are big improvements over the previous MK X max we've had. Once we clear the upgrade, we can run a couple provisioning assignments so that we can go buy some of that stuff.

In the interim, once we get some provisions up for the Spire (and you can already do this for the other holdings), check out the NoP public channel (may not be exact name, but can find it by searching or in the forums). They've been giving out free invites to their max tier holdings, so as long as you have provisions, you can go buy stuff from any of their T3 holdings (or T5 starbase). Only limitation is ships, obviously, since you have to be IN the fleet for that, but for the rest, it uses your own provisions, so they've got several fleets that are giving out invites to buy the end-level gear. Also things like the Tailors for uniform unlocks, warp cores, consoles, weapons, whatever. Unlockable 6th DOFF slot for both space and ground as well, which can let you really stack some damage. Costs 150k fleet credits each, though, so stock up!

Lastly, trying to get some interest up for doing some team-ups in the Voth Battlezone. Been grinding that one a lot lately, great payouts in DIL and Voth Marks for running around doing the little missions. As close to 'fun' as they've managed to make any of their grinds to date, or at least the least annoying/obvious. And payouts are nice to the point where I'm refining my max DIL every day and starting to get behind on the stockpile of unrefined. It's rewarding and popular, so sure they'll nerf it sooner or later. Trying to get it while it's still good

Anyway, sending out invites on the fleet channel when I'm on, but more fun with a team or at least a partner, missions go quick. Also doing Colony Invasion every time I log on, for the 50 fleet marks in about 5 minutes to dump into the projects...
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