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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: B
7. Just Go With It: A-
8. The Road: B

The end of times film that follows a dad(Viggo Mortensen) and his 10+yr old son as they travel South to reach the coast. South from where is never said but the map they are following it appears they are coming from maybe the upper north PA/westward area of NY state? I kept thinking I'd see a highway sign or something tipping me off, maybe I missed it. It's never explicitly stated but it appears mass nuclear weapon discharge got us as has long been a fear.

It's a very bleak look at how things could go vs these type film that end on a note of redemption. Of mankind pulling back together, society reforming. Here it's seen as being much more nomadic, barbaric and something akin to very ancient times when civility was not yet a coined term.

The film, while not shot in b&w, is playing on such a neutral palate that when a rainbow is seen it plays stark contrast within the films bleakness. I'm glad I saw it and think the acting was well done but it's not one you'd want to re-watch over and over every few years. I grade it high for the production values and acting but the vagueness of things keeps me from loving it enough to grade it higher.
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