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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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I'd like a series that brings back a little of the wonder I felt as a kid
For some reason I feel like this is unlikely. Not just for you, but for some others too, including myself.

And I love the point about "something new." If you're going to do Star Trek, just make it about the original characters. If you want something new, do something else. From the surface that seems to make sense and is often worth pondering, but at the same time it completely ignores that there are successful spinoffs of many different shows. Why make TNG and not more TOS? Why make Frasier and not more Cheers? Why do NCIS? Other CSIs?

For me personally, I don't take any show so seriously that it can't have a spinoff and I can't enjoy it. For instance, I love Breaking Bad, and while the concept of Better Call Saul seems strange, I'm still going to give it a shot (if it actually pans out). If they decided to remake Breaking Bad, that would be boring to me. Granted, some things reboot better than others, but mostly in movies, and not on TV.
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