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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

I'd also add that any ST depiction of future tech will only go so far in terms of plausible extrapolation.

Ultimately ST is entertainment, a TV series, movies.
Any "realism" of future tech will give way to interesting visuals and such.

TOS bridge is filled with multi-colored lights to make full use of the new color TVs in people's homes... not necessarily because experts decided that future computers will relay info in series of blinking color indicators.

Spock's viewer made for interesting camera angles and saved money and time by not having to insert an optical shot on a standard viewscreen... not necessarily because technology extrapolation determined science station data needs to be read via a single-person stand-up hooded viewer.

This happens even today, when computer users in movies have clickety-clack keyboards and giant "ACCESS DENIED" graphics on monitors and so on. That's not true to life now. Real-life computing is boring on-screen, future tech probably will be, too.

So for artistic license, for budget concerns, for time factors, for visual appeal... take ST tech with a grain of salt.
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